Who Is Diverse Artists Network (DAN)?

Diverse Artists Network is a development agency for diversity in the arts, promoting cultural competency and representation in the sector. DAN brings together artists/ musicians across Bristol and the South West region, intending to build national and international networks encompassing the broadest spectrum of diversity & representation.

DAN emerged from ‘Tribe Of Doris’ development sessions. Their team reported that artists were underrepresented and that there was no diversity advocate system in the city. Things were piecemeal, if you made it you were talented, lucky but often alone. Tribe of Doris was added into an organisational development Arts Council application, and the idea of DAN was birthed. DAN became an independent CIC in August 2020.

DAN has since curated several networking events that have acted as consultations; as well as opportunities for artists, venues, and funders. DAN has also facilitated numerous training consultations and worked alongside partners such as the Watershed to help facilitate sessions for artistic development.  

After a pandemic and a two-year-long hiatus, the network has been re-birthed and is back to fulfil the needs of its members.

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